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Chios-Smyrna: One trip- Two Continents! Try a visit to Turkey! Daily trips to neighbouring Turkey and in particular to the port of Tsesme, which is 40 minute's drive from Smyrna. Enjoy a tour of the city on your own or following a guided group. Tips: Don't forget your passports
Oinousses-Psara: The 1,5 kilometres long beach of Managros is the view you enjoy from your verandas! The biggest beach of Chios Island just 1 klm away from Volissos Holiday Homes! Enjoy the thick sand and deep, clear and crystal waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Local Products

Mastiha: The Chios mastic, an exclusive product of the island and world unique product for health, beauty and gastronomy! Chios identity! Combined with sugar, gave birth to the spoon sweet – mastic, also known as "hyporvrychio". A different and more intensely flavored form of vanilla.

Spoon Sweets: Chios was well known for the excellent quality of its products, especially for its abundance and variety of seasonal fruits (Grapes, citrus ,tangerines etc) from which derive the excellent spoon sweet recipes, the well-known spoon sweets! Try them!

Ouzo: The island of Chios, known as the cradle of spices and aromas, produces a variety of soft and smooth ouzo.
Chios Wine: Throughout ancient times the reputation of the Chios wine was great and yielded tremendous profits for the island. Visit the wine production industries in Amani Ariousios S.A. and "Ktima Kefala" just, 25 min and 5 min away from Volissos Holiday Homes, respectively!


St. Marcella Festival: The most known festival of Chios island takes place on the 21st & 22nd of July in Volissos village! People travel from all over Greece to celebrate in Volissos while most of them come on foot from Chios center! See local customs, enjoy the beach parties and the local festival in the center of the village on the 21st till the early morning. On the 22nd at midday tables are traditionally set for all the visitors at the monastery. Try traditionally-made goat stew & pilaf cooked on a wood fire in huge copper pots. A truly unforgettable experience!
Easter in Chios: The rocket war is an old custom taking place in Easter time. The preparation of the rockets starts immediately after Easter, so everything to be ready for the next year.

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