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Volissos Chios

Volissos Chios

Volissos Chios

Volissos Chios

Volissos Chios

A daily trip around Amani Villages:

On your tour around Amani you will visit 19 picturesque villages! You'll be impressed by the barren mountains, the dense vegetation of the area & the architecture of each village. Worth visiting: Palia Potamia, Keramos, Agiasmata, Ag, Galas, Monastery of St. Marcella.

Natural Trails & Touristic Routes

Malagioti Valley: A plain with olive trees and forestall riparian vegetation along the riverside of Malagiotis which flows into Managros beach . 3 Km. distance completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Ai Yiannis–Ag. Galas trail: Infertile landscape typical of Amanis with low vegetation, grass and oak. Proceed downhill and enjoy a panoramic view of Agio Galas, the Virgin Mary, Psara and the deep blue Aegean. 2.4 Km. distance completed in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Kambia Ravine: Rich forest and hydrophilous vegetation. A deep narrow valley in the north of Chios, 25 minutes from Volissos Holiday Homes featuring a permanent stream and many mature deciduous trees. Water runs practically all year round. . It forms a unique spectacle. It is one of the islands most remarkable natural landscapes. 2, 67 Km. distance completed in approximately 1,5 hours.


Pelinnaio Tour: Mountainous landscape where it dominates the higher mountain of Chios Island, Pelinnaio. Dense vegetation only in the northern part. Worth Visitng: Dieuxa, Kipouries, Kambia, Kardamila, Nagos, Lagada.

Central Chios Tour: Pines with nakedly rocky mountains. Beaches still unexplored with light blue crystal waters. . Worth Visitng: Nea Moni, Augonima, Lithi, Elinda Beach. Tips: a) Get informed about the visiting –hours of the Monastery of Nea Moni. It is usually closed between 13:00-16:00.b) Have a stop at Sidirounda at your way back to Volissos Holiday Homes. Sunset there will impress you

Mastiha Villages Tour: Smooth hills covered with mastiha and olive trees. Worth Visitng: , Pirgi, Emporios, Olimbi, Mesta, Emporios. Tips: a) Get informed about the visiting –hours of the Cave of Olimbi. You would better follow Mastiha Villages Tour the day the organized tour at the Cave is taking place so you have the chance to follow it!


Lefkathia: Just 2 minutes on foot from your veranda stands the most famous organized sandy beach of the Northwestern Chios; the scheduled beach of Lefkathia ideal for sunbathing with its deep, crystal and clear waters! There is also a beach bar!

Managros: The 1,5 kilometres long beach of Managros is the view you enjoy from your verandas! The biggest beach of Chios Island just 1 klm away from Volissos Holiday Homes! Enjoy the thick sand and deep, clear and crystal waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Limnos: Sandy beach next to Lefkathia just 10 minutes away on foort from Volissos Holiday Homes. In the place you will find taverns with fresh fish, café-bars and a night club!

Agiasmata: It is a wonderful seaside area with hot healing springs. The waters, rich in iron and sulphur, are proper for various therapies. Tip: Get an appointment and visit the Hot Springs from July to September every day between 07-11 pm.

Monastery of Moundon

The Monastery of Moundon in the village of Diefha, dedicated to the memory of St. John the Baptist on August 29, is now deserted. The existing structures today are the Catholicon, the chapels, the cells, and the domed vestibule entrance. Of special interest is the scene at the lower left area of the south wall that bears the inscription "The Life of the True Monk". The crucified monk is flanked to the left by a drawing of Hell and, to the right, on two separate levels, the world and Death. The composition is in a vivid folk style.

Orchids & Wild Flowers

Enjoy the wildflowers of Chios. Among the best superb locations offering very different flower rich displays is Managros beach just 1klm away from Volissos Holiday Home. The 3 Km long stretch of sand and gravel beach with a superb undeveloped hinterland of dunes and sandy gravels with a rich associated flora. The displays of spring flowers are particularly stunning and are at their best in late March to mid April.

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