A magnificent place promising unforgettable vacation! Volissos village has been built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a mountain. The walls, the towers and other ruins of a medieval castle are overlooking the village, giving it a picturesque atmosphere. You will be impressed by the fantastic school, the aromas of the traditional bakery, the picturesque taverns and traditional cafes! Having a walk around the narrow streets ask for the candle maker and Mr Thomas, the saddler who will enjoy show you around his inestimable collection of saddles and tools! He may also show you how he used to work making saddles! Enjoy it! In the center of Volissos you will also find mini-markets, pharmacy, Resident Doctors’ office, coiffures services, taverns and traditional cafes at  the central square!


Being a crossroads between East and West, Europe and Asia,  across Asia Minor Chios is the ideal travel destination whether you wish to explore its deep-routed culture, rituals and traditions, new gastronomical pathways or just enjoy the beauty of the natural environment!In the city of Chios it is worth visiting the central Library, the Byzantine and Archaeological Museum, have a walk on the eminently commercial street of island, Aplotaria Street! On your way to Kampus Area pay a visit to “Citrus Fruits Museum!