Long Stay

Looking for the most affordable and rewarding holiday experiences? Lucky you!

You are in the correct place! Volissos Holiday Homes take advantage if their special architecture focusing on Long Stay accommodations that feature big holiday homes of two or three rooms equipped with fully equipped kitchen as well.

Keep Costs down!

Cook your own food – experiment with local ingredients and enjoy your dinner at your big verandas as if you were in your house!

Long stay vacations let you enjoy the trip the way you want to. Don’t worry about trying to squeeze everything in to a week. Take your time getting a feel for your destination, soaking up the culture, and most importantly, relaxing.

5 Reasons to book a Long Stay vacation in Volissos Holiday Homes:

  1. Relax! Fully recharge your batteries with the length of holiday you deserve.
  2. Unpack once… you can do day trips and have a place to come ‘home’ too.
  3. Get to know the local restaurants, shops, and people.
  4. Take advantage of great rates when you stay for 30 nights or more.
  5. Enjoy special VHH member pricing and bonuses.

Rentals per Season

Holiday Home  May-September Rates 
Superior Holiday Home   season (5 months)   8.900 €
Family Holiday Home   season (5 months)   5.900 €
Junior Suites   season (5 months)   7.200 €
Studios   season (5 months)   4.500 €

Rentals per month valid for min. 3 months stay

Holiday Home          May, June, September          July, August
Superior Holiday Home          2000€/month   2.800 €/month
Family Holiday Home          1.500 € /month   2.200 €/month
Junior Suites          1.800 € /month   2.500 €/month
Studios          1.000 €/month   1.700 €/month

Rentals per month (min. 1 month stay)

Holiday Home          May, June, September          July, August
Superior Holiday Home          2.800€/month   3.800 €/month
Family Holiday Home          1.750 € /month   2.800 €/month
Junior Suites          1.800 € /month   2.500 €/month
Studios          1.190 €/month   1.700 €/month
Facilities included: free Wi-Fi, parking, Water facilities connected, Fully equipped kitchens, A/C, safeboxes.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us.